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Dropping a GEM

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Came across these quotes had to share them

1. Life’s not easy. Life is not fair. Never was, isn’t now, and it won’t ever be.

“Do not fall into the entitlement trap of feeling like a victim. You are not. Get over it and get on with it. yes, most things are more rewarding when you break a sweat to get em.”

2. Unbelievable is the stupidest word in the dictionary

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s people being people. Acknowledge the acts of greatness as real, and do not be naive for mankind’s capacity for evil nor be in denial of our own shortcomings.

3. Pursuit of Happiness vs Joy

Happiness is an emotional response to an outcome. Happiness is result reliant while joy is a constant. The feeling we get doing what we were fashioned to do.

4. What is success to you?

Your answer may change over time, and that’s fine, but do yourself this favor, whatever your answer is, don’t choose anything that would jeopardize your soul.

5. Process of elimination is the first step to finding our identity

Where you are not, is just as important as where you are.

6. Don't leave crumbs

Crumbs are the choices we make that make us have to look over our shoulder in the future.

7. Dissect your successes and the reciprocity of gratitude

We so often focus on failure. We study failure, were obsessed with failure. We dissect failures in our failures. We end up intoxicated by them to the point of disillusion. Dissect your successes instead.

8. Make voluntary obligations

You Vs You obligations

"While no one throws you a party while you abide by them, nobody is going to arrest you when you break them either."

9. From can to want

“To many options makes a tyrant of us all!”

10. A roof is a man-made thing

Have you ever chocked, fumbling in the goal line, stuck foot in mouth when you got to the microphone, brain freeze on the exam you were prepared for? Or maybe you had that feeling of “oh my god, life couldn’t get any better, do I deserve this?

You ever felt that way? It’s because we have created a fictitious roof on the expectations of ourselves. A limit where we think it’s all too good to be true. It’s not and it’s not our right to say or believe it is.

11. Turn the page

You ever get in a rut, a funk, stuck on the merry go round of a bad habit?

“Guilt and regret kills many of men before their time. Turn the page, get off the ride, YOU are the author of the book of your life."

12. Give your obstacles credit

Fear is a good thing. It increases our need to overcome that fear. We are all destined to face the thing we fear the most.

13. How do we know when we cross the truth?

Put yourself in a place to receive truth. Prayer, meditation, walk about, road trip, whatever it is, schedule that time. You must personalize it, have the patience to internalize it, then the hard part, the courage to live it.

I hope this helps atleast one person! Check out the video, it is a great one!

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Joe Rey
Joe Rey
01 juil. 2023

Alright, Alright!

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