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Definition of POPOLOGY®

according to paula. this is how i have been describing popology to people around me. the response has been good.

Popology is a global movement, media platform and an avenue of expressing yourself; creating your own contribution to Global Inner Peace.

It is as familiar as watching TV yet as unfamiliar as humans living on Mars. Mind blowing yet a part of every day life.

It is the ultimate freedom of expression, like it would be if there was no mass media, corporations or politics filtering what we get to see or think.

Through Popology you

and each human individually

create a masterpiece called LIFE.

The best part?

Not even the sky is the limit to your creativity and influence.

It might seem difficult right now to wrap your head around Popology … and it’s ok.

If you had been told about something like the iPhone back in 1980s … it would have felt the same.

The best way to form your own picture and opinion is to join and explore yourself.


What are your thoughts? How do you describe popology?

Thanks for reading.


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Joe Rey
Joe Rey
27 févr.


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