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Why is Saint Patricks day?

It's important to know the truth when one obligatorily celebrates a holiday. if we do naturally go along with the flow, that may be because we we''re indoctrinated into said celebration by our parents or the cultures observed by our society. Maybe this is a good thing!?

Since we live in a time where misinformation and disinformation is running rampant, it is rather important to investigate deeply or maybe not so? Regardless, We should arrive at our own conclusions that sit well upon our conscience and ultimately our souls. Who knows, maybe the yearly celebrations that nearly all of us on this planet have frequented, will continue to bring joy to our hearts and memorable experiences with family and friends. Or, maybe not...?

Do you really know Saint Patrick?

Is St. Patricks day a day of joyous happiness and feasting and indulgence for all, or were lives the cost paid for yet another historical event which has successfully lived on in the hearts of millions and evolved to become more than it once was?

You be the judge:

This is a very interesting take on the story of the patron saint, which most of us have celebrated and cheers a green beer to the wonders of his supposed majesty.

My question is, was he himself a wizard and if so, would that make him a hypocrite?

And is this celebration actually a pagan holiday, Maybe we can shed some new light on the actual events.

Then again, most people just love to party...

Possible fun fact, Even Saint patrick may have referred to himself as "Patrick of the closed mind", as others may have as well.

(not exactly something that the catholic religion would let spread easily)

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