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What Is Your POPsphere™ Of Influence?

POPOLOGY® Networks brings You...

the most innovative approach to media literacy, and self- expression, in an immersive 360 degree workspace known as the POPsphere™.

Create and Deploy a curated, micro-licensed stream of blockchained content, packaged as a one of a kind POPcast®.

Next Insert several of your favorite brand sponsors

we call a POPmercial®. These “relevant to you” spots actually pay your audience to watch your POPcast® STREAM.

POPmercial® has revolutionized the approach to

branded commercial content in supporting the creation, and audience distribution METHODOLOGIES.

Each POPmercial® PRE-PUBLISHES onboard metrics for the desired audience size, while you and your POPcast® do the rest!

Companies, Join our POPmercial® Gallery, have your spots directly selected by the audience size, and demographic your brand deserves.

Through POPOLOGY® you can pinpoint your

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