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POPOLOGY® has just accomplished the miraculous feat of being awarded 29 System & Method Claims by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for our POPOLOGY® Networks United States Patent.

Popular Culture Will Soon Be Returned To You The People! Not overtaken by the Big Tech and Big Data Firms That Are The Current Majority Stake Holder. Our Patent assures we all benefit and we all earn from this system as well!

For such an expansive media utility to benefit the people, with such a range in scope from Digital Rights Management, Media Literacy, 10 unique Ai & Machine Learning Claims, User Placement of Fortune 500 POPmercial® Brand Directs Spots, Gamification, Blockchain and so much more! A Global Institution Scale Collaboration is the plan!

This is a day of celebration & historical achievement! You Have Our Word On It!

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1 Comment

Paula Naeff
Paula Naeff
Mar 25

WOOOOOW! Massive congratulations!! 😎

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