the funkyipuppets

The story continues back in time...Who are the FUNKYiPUPPETS?!

Born from the beautiful mind of IPC, Twitch Partnered Streamer - clubhouse - painter - 2x world haiku champion poet - storyteller - caricature artist - Lucasfilm Alumni - Creaturologist

The FUNKYiPUPPETS are the very first audio cartoon theatre puppet show fantastical story of the Yokai creatures who live on 96542, a space in time carved out behind the sunshine ready to wrap your brains around becoming "funkified & free, being who you truly be"

I am Vibrato & Whistle in the FUNKYiPUPPETS as well as the Music Director for the show. We had our very first show Live on Clubhouse in the MUSIC BAZAAR room and had a grand ole time! Here is a snippet of our Funkdafied Theme Song! Come enjoy the world of MATSU with us on clubhouse... MATSU is; Making Art Together Supporting Unity. You can find our room on Clubhouse by following IPC ipaintcreatures. Clubhouse is only available on smart phones at this time.

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