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Standardization In Blockchain / Cryptography?

The First POPOLOGIST® Says, Expand The Terminologies and Parameters.

Blockchain requires creative innovation. Not stagnant business practices that have bamboozled the music industry or digital rights / copyright overall. Blockchain is merely the decentralized journaling of the journey you own, and others can un- corrupt-ably learn & earn from too!

This is a time for irreverence of the status-quo to what you think a Non-Fungible token is or isn't. This is the year to demand new systems from Web 3.0 than merely barter trading or tracking of flat art monkeys or quippy media lifts. It is about forming consensus of working together as utility in a recorded and financially profitable modeling of art & commerce.

Maybe your culinary recipes are ledgered on the blockchain and each purchased ingredients from said e-commerce grocery site offers crypto for each vegetable and fruit you purchase from them. Maybe said grocery outlet can promote your media of the culinary experience and further your soon coming Culinary Crypto Coin?

Or how about a dry cleaner who ledgers your purchases to send reminders and bonuses for your specialty wardrobe items?

The point I seek to make is so many web3.0 posts are glaringly similar, and sound homogeneously- same(ion) "homosamien" LOL.

I feel the industry leaders must get louder, me & Dan Rush included.

Simple isn't always better either. Complex data collection systems such as our POPOLOGY® Networks gamified mining (& staking) from digital rights performances is a great example.

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