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Without boggling the brain with too much techno babble, for starters, POPOLOGY® is the true measure of popular ledgered on a Public Trust Blockchain. Expand on that, these 5 major internet issues we address as the primary media & tech disruptions , while still endorsing artful self expression to brands and influencers at large. Here is the main throttle of the problems we solve: #1 Our Users earn from their collective online behaviors. Neutralize Data Monopoly. #2 Disseminate intelligence in a more impactful way. Save time sourcing it from all across the web. Save time by automating your content discovery. #3 We automate "Fair Use Doctrine" in curated video (digital rights) blockchained reports we call a POPcast® published for the world to see your media stream that is also an NFT (Non Fungible Token which is merely any unique ledger on the blockchain). #4 Our data centered platform is a utility servicing the people at large ledgering and tracking "TRUE POPULAR" by and for the people. #5 The best kinda 24 hour focus group any brand campaign or agency can have is their POPmercial® on POPOLOGY® Networks. POPOLOGY® will be a global audience right out of the gate. This is the disruptive jist we have filed Patent with 33 other unique claims with the USPTO. Here is entertaining brand and technology explainer content. Simplified, We at POPOLOGY® Networks automate fair use reporting! POPOLOGY® is the next big thing for Citizen Journalism! Identify and develop thought leaders without de-platforming rhetoric. POPOLOGY® is a platform that supports all platforms, because it is all platforms. Save time by automating your content discovery. Disseminate intelligence in a more impactful way. Education retention is better than ever for our scholars. Earn from your online data behavior and practice fair use doctrine supporting the measure of true popular, "one person at a time" globally! Watch this sample POPcast® stream showcasing what a "POST" product looks like from the POPOLOGY® Networks. Christmas POPcast® Completely curated on the POPOLOGY® Networks App, aggregated content from Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion TikTok, Google and Bing. This POPcast® NFT features Madonna, Luther Vandros, Gwen Stefani, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, George Michael, Harry Connick Jr., Mary J Blige, Stevie Wonder & more. POPmercial® sponsorship by Target, MasterClass, Rakuten, Volkswagen, Doritos and more! Audiences redeem the watch code at the end of POPcast® for the specified POPtoken™ amount for watching.

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