This song was written by the late great Chrys Anthem-Wozniak, who was my music partner/producer and most dear friend. Chrys wrote this song in honor of his long time friend Michael Weinberg who passed quite unexpectedly just a couple weeks before Chrys' untimely death. Chrys Anthem-Wozniak was a true artist in every sense of the word. Every breath he took was for the enrichment of the arts at large. He is the visionary for ARC Arinova Rhythm Collective, a Chicago masterpiece that I am so very honored and proud to have been chosen by Chrys to be a core member of, along with the incomparable Roger Ebner, a multi-faceted wildly talented saxophonist & songwriter with a phenomenal foundation in the works: Music For Movement. So with no further adieu, Rocketship...

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