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Pupulism Was A 19th Century Movement!

Spot On Mr. RusselL Brand. We've got the peoples popular and technology revolution literally a URL away! POPOLOGY is the science of popular!. Not an agency or brand in the world can truly state what the "TRUE POPULAR" is? We have devised a beta platform that ledgers and rewards the users for all of their data, assembling a Public Trust Blockchain ( we have founded a 501-c3 for Media Literacy Education) that will provide true metrics, public info data and report analytics of the "peoples popular"... excluding brand prowess in play. This data can be used for legislation, and supporting the values of our American Bill Of Rights, sustain the Republic, and maintain Democracy as our business model. We efficiently patented a formula by combining "Fair Use Digital Rights Reporting", social media aggregation, blockchain, cryptography, and even gamified the process in VR to attract a demographic of 8 to 80. Please reach out to us. You are a true genius, and POPOLOGIST in our lifetime thesis! & ...

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