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POPOLOGY® Is The Peoples Popular!

If you don’t understand now what the importance or the daily relevance of “the people’s popular” is, respectfully you might be part of the problem? The video will demonstrate what we can do about it.

You see, in a Republic (small government ( system that stays out of the way or will of the people) our Democracy (regulated by the populous) is threatened because the people are not acting pro-actively enough.

For decades now we are playing catch up on so many issues, and our reliance on a Google Rich Senator or corporate Lobbyist to “due our diligence” is not only unlikely, it won’t happen.

What is needed is a ledgering & tracking system whereas the “will of the people” can partake. Additionally this data must also be incorruptible and owned by the people. You could call it “the science of popular”, or better yet POPOLOGY®!

This system is assembled and Patent Pending with 37 unique claims in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Dan Rush & I have gone the distance in assembling an entertaining and innovative platform that allows you to bundle your fed to you algorithms into a content pipeline that can save the world. Go ahead, tell your story and add visual to your opinions and views.

Be your own CNN, FOX or MTV news! We call this a POPOLOGIST®!

Signup Early at See Think Do!

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