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This Is Joe Rey, Founder of POPOLOGY® Networks. We're revolutionizing internet broadcasting and content curation with automated API modules. Our user-built metasearch engine, the POPsphere™, powers lateral content discovery, the ability to curate a long-form media stream aptly called a POPcast®, including seamless brand sponsor integration through POPmercial® Advertising, and an innovative stake & mining gamified system on the blockchain we call Futures In Popular. This empowers users, elevates content experiences, and rewards creators, digital rights advocates, and audiences. Join us in reshaping the Web3 creator economy. POPOLOGY® automates acts of Citizen Journalism, deputizing you the user as a POPOLOGIST®!

An esteemed accelerator has invited us to join, a pivotal step in raising $4.5 Million ( see our valuation ) for global prototype expansion. To embark on this journey, we need $18,000 upfront to unlock 98% scaleability with this reputable firm. Can you partner with us?

We're redefining internet broadcasting by merging digital rights management and social media aggregation. This births a user-made video meta-search engine, empowering users to curate unique POPcast® media streams. Blockchain technology aligns with the Web3 Creator Economy, revolutionizing media, advertising, and education.

POPOLOGY® is active, merging Web3 tech, insights, and the Creator Economy for a unique crypto ecosystem. Our vision reimagines media, advertising, and education.

In media, POPOLOGY® empowers users to curate personalized POPcasts® from APIs like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, amplifying reach and monetization through brand sponsorships. This catalyzes targeted advertising opportunities for heightened engagement.

POPOLOGY® redefines advertising, enabling users to place Fortune 500 brand commercials (POPmercial®) within POPcast® streams, offering organic connections and data-driven insights for brands. Introducing immersive 3D brand activations within the POPsphere™ workspace.

In education, POPOLOGY® sparks a media literacy educational revolution for K-12 scholars with real-time assignments, fostering critical thinking, collaboration, and media literacy.

Explore our Product Explainer Videos playlist for an overview. Experience a sample POPcast® Stream and navigate our POPcast® Program Grid for an interactive encounter.

Our partnership with Pay Per View Live underscores our commitment to distributing user-created POPcast® Streams globally.

Support and signup free as a POPOLOGIST® Ambassador. We will even double your POPOLOGY®coin in a FREE digital wallet

Join us to redefine content consumption and education.

See Think Do™!

Founder & 1st POPOLOGIST®

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Sep 14, 2023

Our human family has no clue what's on the horizon with this burgeoning platform. A place to access all the content we as an individual have created, plus unfathomable amounts of content from most every other platform out there. As well as meta searches combining media from around the globe & licensing deals to assist in content collaboration with catalogs not easily accessed without tens of thousands of dollars to just use 30 seconds of a movie clip. The 3 dimensional aspect of Popology is something we've not yet seen in the social media & content creation video hosting platforms. Not just a gamer attention getter, who wouldn't want to experience our internet interactions through a more immersive and aesthetically…

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