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Updated: Jul 28, 2021


is the baptizer of breath in POPmessiah™ speak! A Breatharian guru, Coconut Yogi, nature instructor He can detail how to breathe deeper and become empty with the breath, through letting go & deep awareness watching our mind and relaxing into nature. He invites those who wish to train with hime and understand more.

Contact for trainings or discussing anything!

Breatharian is just a way of life for ALL. We just need to begin by not eating for as many hours or days as we FEEL comfortable with our ever peaceful state. To observe our emotions an our feelings so deeply, we discover that our emotions are what becomes STUCK when we pack food into our bodies. Our body feels lighter an clearer the more time we spend being a Breatharian. Breatharianism is more of a state that we attempt to be in as much as our heart can bear the lightness of this bliss that seems to get only better when U add days to your NON FORCED FAST. But to remain in that peaceful state U MUST BE IN ENVIROMENT THAT REPRESENTS THE MIND SET THAT U ARE EXPERIENCING. The bodies sensitivity becomes greater an greater to the point u REALIZE ENLIGHTENTMENT. THE ONLY WAY TO ENLIGHTENMENT IS THROUGH............FASTING & PICKING UP OUR CROSS AND FOLLOWING AFTER OUR DEAR LORD ...THE VERY BREATH ...OF JES====SUS CHRI===ST. I wish U could understand this state of true LOVE & DEVOTION to our allimighty god. As we live in his presence if we could really see our selfs deeply an only through denying our selfs can we feel the deep effect of fasting an opening our heart to the true magic of our LORD.

POPOLOGIST® Yogi Zen Teaches The Tree Of Life


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