POPOLOGIST® Mike BorGia Celeb NFT Trading card

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Professional Musician / singer songwriter at Mike Borgia Music, Wellness Consultant at M.Be Wellness and Self-Employed at Holistic Health professional. Mike is a veteran artist that has been touring and putting out records for 25 years. There is something for everyone in his catalogue. http://mikeborgia.com

Mike Borgia is one of the first and early adopters of the POPOLOGY® vision. He is identified as a prominent influencer of music and health care industries, while maintaining a strong knowledge of technology and internet marketing. Mike Borgia designed the POPOLOGY® POPtoken™ Identity, and is our flagship image of the brand!

A NY born musician/ songwriter in constant pursuit of musical sustainability. 17 albums released collectively and over two decades as an active professional.

You will get exclusive access to new tracks, video, lyrics and happenings before anyone else. Sometimes months before its release. Direct and personal.

Thank you very much for your support and dedication. Major streaming sites are ineffective to the financial sustainability of most artists, so this is a great way to support me and to be able to listen to a huge catalogue of other super fine bandcamp artists.

His Style: Alternative blues.

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