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Natural Immunity did a better job than the new "V A X X"

Bill Gates once again fantasizes/prophesizes (Sorry I really couldn’t tell which one he was doing?) what’s to come, gee do ya think it might happen, just like last time?

⬇️⬇️Who says this this type of thing?⬇️⬇️


“Sadly, the virus itself, particularly the variant called Omicron,

is a type of vaccine. That is it creates both B cell and T cell

immunity. And it has done a better job of getting out to the

world population than we have with vaccines”

And obviously what he’s not saying is that it made it better for people because those that caught it got natural immunity and it was really just a little hiccup in their health for most.

He goes on to say this:

“It's sad, we didn't do a great job on therapeutics. Only here,

two years in, do we have a good therapeutic.”

I say:

How is this not a good thing?

Theraputics? There is no therapy in a thing that hurts you,

what does therapy mean?

➖ a treatment

And what does treatment mean?

From Entomology:

(sometimes we have to forget about the current definition of something because things get changed for specific reasons)

➖ Care provided to improve a situation (especially

medical procedures or applications that are intended

to relieve illness or injury)

So then I ask you first off, is chemo-therapy actually a therapy when it has an 80% mortality rate? And if a supposed vaccine actually causes a lot of adverse events and harm, is it truly a therapy? Especially when you can just as easily catch Covid if not even more easily now that you’re creating the spike proteins within your body?

Seriously listen to this and tell me he’s not crazy and also planning something?

We have the real doctor evil blatantly right in front of us all day long.

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1 Comment

Joe Rey
Joe Rey
Feb 22, 2022

Interesting? Yay for Natural ImMunity!

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