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Life Of A homeless man and his family.

Hello to the popology community my name is Joshua and I met Joe Rey, We talked about on how I enjoyed listening to classic music and what i wanna do in life and the things i like to do after we talked i told him the position i was in along with my pregnant fiance on how we were sleeping in the car but im gonna give the popology community a background on how i became homeless.

It all started with me living in New York with my mom along with my baby siblings and my stepdad it was a normal day ofc but my mom started to complain about her phone being lost and I remember my baby brother having her phone I spoke to him telling him "do you know where Mommy's phone is" he said no but then eventually he said yes and said no again I was starting to get irritated until my other siblings came along i told them "which one of you has Mommy's phone" they pointed fingers at my 7yrs old baby brother. i said to him "why would you lie for" when my mom came up the stairs my baby brother lied saying that i had put hands on him when i didn't do such thing, and thats when me and my mom got in to the biggest argument, wHich led me to being kicked out the house.

so my dad took me to his place. i eventually called my grandmother telling her if she could take me to get a free phone, she said yes, so the next day i went to my grandmothers house, she said are u ready to go into a shelter i responded saying "you never mentioned about me going into a shelter i thought we was going to get a free phone" I saw my uncle coming up the stairs saying that he was gonna take me to. I was extremely upset but we all got into the car my grandmother took me and my uncle to the subway.

me and my uncle got out of the car took the train to the shelter once we arrived I told my uncle to wait outside cause he knows I don't know how to travel at all when I'm alone due to me getting lost in the city more than 10 times, he said okay I went inside to get my papers cause they were sending me to a different shelter. I go outside and my uncle was gone. I felt nothing but betrayal and being abandoned by my own family and giving up on me easily.

I was in tears I told myself "I wish you were here mom Cause if u were still alive till this day u wouldn't have gave up on me at all. u know the child hood trauma I'VE been through, and u know that I have anger issues cause of it" and the mom I was referring to was my adopted mom, which is actually my grandmother she is the mother of my birth mom she took me in, (cause my mom wasn't able to keep me due to acs being involved) so through the ageS of 11 to 20 my grandmother took care of me and been there for me.

thIS IS the reason why I call her mom. she passed away in 2021. But once I was done crying I didn't know what to do I just walked around the city I was completely lost so eventually I slept outside for 7 days. Eventually I found a phone and called my fiance telling her what happened, so she came and got me and we went back to NJ I been sleeping in the car for a year with my fiance and her mom. And that is the story of how I ended up being homeless now my fiance is going to tell her part of the story on how she became homeless.

Hello to The Popology Community, My name is Ariana, i am Joshua’s Fiancé and Im 9 months pregnant. Im homeless as well, living in my moms car and its been like this since September in 2022 and its been very rough and stressful for me and my mother.

We got kicked out of my sister’s when we moved out here to New Jersey in April in 2022 and they decided to kick us out in September in 2022. We didn’t know what to do, we were both hurt about being homeless not being able to clean our bodies properly, eating home cooked meals, being able to sleep in a bed, it really affected us a lot and i miss doing all those things.

We need some serious help to get outta this situation, I’m tired of living in this car , i want a home to have my baby boy to have a place to sleep in. Please help us, i know nobody but God is the only way of blessing us outta this situation.

That is the story of my fiancé Arianna. we don't got much time left. we are trying our best to get this place before the baby is due, and it's hard to save up money to get a place due to us being hungry.

But I'm very scared cause I don't want our baby boy taken away from us and the place wE ARE trYING TO get Is $935.

we could really use the helP. my fiancé was crying earlier today. ON TOP OF ALL THIS, the scary part IS her spitting out blood? it could be due to pregnancy Right Now? my fiance is at the hospital to be checked on.

Here's a photo of me, my fiancé Arianna and our baby.

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Joe Rey
Joe Rey
Jan 01

GOOD MORNING JOSHUA & Ariana. Continue to post your journey of challenges and proposed solutions. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability in the situation. Remember, you are both young, and merely on the journey to build your life, and bring forth a new one, Continue to be pro-active. I will share with our network as promised. You can address Diana's questions below in another post. Propose the next post as the proactive gentlemen I know you are, and can be. Contact ... & sponsored by Sacred Heart of Camden, a Catholic Church that helps many good quality & in-need families like yours. Let's keep the communications fluid on this channel and God provides to the faithful and committe…


Diana Rey
Diana Rey
Jan 01

Hi Ariana and Joshua, I am sorry to hear about your situation. Tell us a little more about your plans. Also, when is the baby due?

Your are all in my prayers.

Replying to

The baby is due this month on the 28th of January and our plan is to get the place before the baby is do once we do that and we get settled in I wanna be able to finish school and get my GED so I can get a better job and a better lifestyle. I wanna raise my child to do better than me and to have a better future

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