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Let's talk about misinformation

Some people really need to hear an article like this so they can begin thinking for themselves.

But first here are my thoughts.

The fact that misinformation is so hyper-polarized is a real bad joke. Misinformation does exist, however someone being misinformed because a friend told them some thing or they just believed an article they read is very different than what the media intentionally calls misinformation in the current timeline. The news loves to call almost anything that doesn’t agree with their masters chosen narrative misinformation. And that doesn’t at all make some thing not true.

Now disinformation really does rampantly and quite intentionally exist however. We now find ourselves in an era of made-up stories, fabricated situations and intentional smear campaigns. I’m going to start using the terms right and left right now even though I really don’t believe in them besides the right and left side of an actual object, not an idea. Personally all I usually see are better choices and worst choices. It seems that the “The left” as will call them, loves to go after anything that seemingly may lessen their power and control. It seems more and more that they have a hard time handling intelligent debates and opposing conversations that do not align with their constructed ideals. They want it their way or the highway and often nothing less, compromise is more often unacceptable. I’m not here to glorify the right either, they are often lackluster in advanced action And often times religion can get in many of their chosen alignments way. And not trying to put religion on blast, however conservatives, the right and Republicans are often times far more religiously rooted in their decisions and actions.

It's up to the individual to decide how they want to be informed and how to better understand and to discern one's opinions and thoughts around any given topic. We can easily react to anything we hear and we all do at times. However choosing to actually promulgate any form of information is completely up to the interpreter.

Some people know what they're sharing and want to share it, some people are fearful of what they're hearing and think others need to hear it and even more so others do massive research on any given topic and then intentionally share it.

It's interesting how they even go after topics where we may share an idea and just raise the question: "what is this, does this have any merit, does it hold any weight or have any truth and what do you think about this?"

I think it's hilarious that people even believe in such misinformation, seems more like another gaslit smokescreen to get people to think like they do. The only thing I can see is disinformation and lots of stuff that's interesting relating to this said topic.

That said, some people do lie. A lie is a lie is a lie, it doesn't mean it's misinformation. If you can't tell when somebody's lying that's on you not on them. Again, we have to be discerning, don't just be gullible and believe everything you hear or hate everything you hear because you don't like the speaker or it doesn’t “FEEL” right.

Please do chime in if you may have something to further the conversation. This is an interesting an important topic to discuss these days, for we are the ones who must decide what is actually misinformation, not what media tells us to believe.

......ALWAYS...... ✨💖IN LOVE💖✨

This article was released yesterday on February 9th, 2022

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