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Lemonade the wheelchair and fonk

Shout to IPaintCreatures for making the first Yokai creature in a wheelchair and showing diversity in his art #disabilityawareness #happydisabilitypridemonth

General @ipaintcreatures <<follow on all social media Google that name

at wrote a piece and the title is Alphabet Rise

Lemonade said I’m going sing with my wireless lemon drops my wheelchair (which is a tUtuSagami this fonk way of spelling it) it would say couple lines and I the fonk would fart my way through it

Here’s a little of it

Alphabet Rise

Remember that Love always clear way easing the mishaps of any day and let the music play”

this may be a fable or foley but it has the Aroma of a great fart. to a beginning of……….

@funkyipuppets on instagram and Twitter

BE on the look for #ipaintcreatures the #funkyipuppets


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1 Comment

Joe Rey
Joe Rey
Jul 20, 2023

Happy Dissability Pride Month 2 U Quincey!

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