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Japan figured it out, why can't the US?

As Japan takes note of the rising increase in myocarditis cases, amongst many other side effects, They are moving in a very logical direction to actually protect their populous instead of doubling down. Read the article below:


What does Japan know that we don’t


When it comes to Covid, nothing that we don’t.

Then why is it that common sense all of a sudden seems to be logical to them, yet America continues on its warpath of inoculations. Especially in light of the fact that they don’t do what they were so emphatically touted to do. And the new information coming to light even in the mainstream media that two shots will do barely anything if anything at all to protect an individual and a 3rd booster might stop you from having to go to the hospital or possible death.

The catastrophic human rights issues unfolding across our planet which are also tearing down societies and economies as we speak, could be handled in a very clear and different way. Even our own state Florida has exposed how much better the situation could and has been being handled.

As per the website that penned this article, I’m surprised they were even allowed to get this out to the world considering Australia is attempting to revert to its first days as a country by literally turning itself back into a prison colony again.

We can do better, We must do better!

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