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Ipaintcreatures and the funkyipuppets win international award for best NFT collectables

Who is IPaintCreatures?

IPC (IPaintCreatures) is an artist who is a multi-talented and versatile content creator. He has earlier worked for high-tech creative giants and franchises such as Lucasfilm LTD, Microsoft Corporation, Apple Computers, and Intel Corporation.

Other than this, IPC is a multi-professional entity, as he is a professional storyteller, award-winning and published performance poet, a caricature artist, a fantastical illustrator, painter, and creator of animated, feature filmmaker, and docudramas.

Early Life Of IPaintCreatures

IPC has several college degrees including in Psychology, Communications, and Education with technology and fine arts being his primary interest. He has won the Haiku head-to-head world championship twice and is a master of the contemporary English language form of Haiku and the short poem.

What Does IPC Do To Contribute To The World? It’s been approximately two decades since he has inspired, educated, entertained, and empowered several students, patrons, and fans. He has also contributed to many lives with his ability to grasp all of the arts and the creative process, thus enhancing folks of all walks to integrate creativity, curiosity, and imagination into their lifestyle and enhancing their quality of life. What is Cryptogamee Cryptogamee is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection comprising 35 unique collectibles. The Cryptogamee is the Yokai of the Matsu (Making Art Together Supporting Unity) way and the mind behind them is IPC who reworked them. Though these Yokai creatures are in the modern times of the 21st century still have their cultural references from the past and some also mold themselves and modernize themselves. Folks can collect them and initiate on their adventurous ride to the world of Matsu. They are available on one of the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea. What are The FUNKYiPuppets? IPaintCreatures and FunkyiPuppets, inspired by the grand tradition of Jim Henson’s Muppets, which is a puppet show focused on edutainment for popular platforms like, IG live, Youtube, Vimeo, Netflix, Cartoon Network, and movie theatres globally. IPaintCreatures and the FunkyiPuppets are conceptualized and written by IPaintCreatures. They are basically an audio and puppet troupe that comprises Award-winning writers, spoken poets, award-winning voice actors, and other kinds of performers. The FunkyiPuppets are high tech and up to the modern world, they merge together performance poetry, self-development, and hip hop elements to positive rap and Disk Jockey produced music. The main aim of this production is to make the people know about IPaintCreatures’s epic story of Matsu. But What Exactly Is Matsu? Matsu is a contemporary diverse multi-platform epic story in the tradition of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Studio Ghilbi Films, and Lord of the Rings. They are centered on a modern Yokai folklore creature fantasy, a sci-fi world. They are drawn out and developed with keeping in mind the tradition of great poetic epics such as the Iliad and Odyssey and are amalgamated with hi-tech aesthetics and modern music. It is an engaging epic story that is delivered on several platforms ranging from fresh original digital content on the World Wide Web (WWW) to global movie theatres, and live theatrical performances. What makes IPaintCreatures distinct from other NFT artists? The NFT space consists of a plethora of artists and some are yet to emerge but IPaintCreatures is the sole NFT artist who is dealing with Yokai creatures in the NFT industry. And these Yokai differ highly from the ones you see in the mainstream. Cryptogamee is here to act as a virtual remedy for your virtual soul. The Core Team Of IPaintCreatures Other than IPaintCreatures himself, the team also comprises Cheryl Bunn, Director of inclusivity, who plays a range of characters. Cheryl used to be a Head Administrator of Hyatt Hotel in Atlanta but got laid off. And while she was hustling, she found IPaintCreatures through the clubhouse app and joined IPaintCreatures and FunkyiPuppets. She also helps people with disabilities. Bunn is another key member of the team with her philosophies, she facilitates the troupe to connect more with the scripts. Tamara, Head Editor, who planned to just be an editor but things changed when she came across IPaintCreatures and FunkyiPuppets, and is now a voice-over artist admin and proves to be a great support to the team. Katerra Speaks is another member who has just graduated from college. She is a spoken word artist and helps the admin team with their operations and works. Quincy is the Head Administrator collaborator and assistant to IPaintCreatures. Despite being disabled himself and HIV positive for more than 20 years, he is one of the essential members of the team of IPaintCreatures and the FunkyiPuppets. He went through a violent fight that used drug needles to attack him. In May 2019 after helping a lady with her groceries, two boys came out to rob them and Quincy showed the courage to take the bullet. He is a perfect example of the saying that nothing is impossible. Why To Collect Cryptogamee? If an individual collects three or more Cryptogamee, they would write a story of you and your favorite Cryptogamee you collect on their discord. Which means you will be a part of a book. What Are The Future Plans of IPaintCreatures? People can anticipate some secret NFT projects to emerge in the near future. Meanwhile, they are also planning their podcast and through that, they’ll go back to the time when radio audio theater was prevalent. And they are still usual with their work as IPaintCreatures and the FunkyiPuppets and are performing in the clubhouse. They are also initiating an adventure off doing private performances. They are the modern Muppets and will continue to inspire, uplift, and entertain.

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