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Have You Ever Built A Mermaid?

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

While doing some spring cleaning in my hard Drive, I found this classic Production Design project of this Bain De’ Soleil Tanning Cream Tv Commercial I made, circa 1995 with my ACME ART Dept. We made the costume for this spot!

It was shot in the British Virgin Islands, and I got to crate it up and go with a plus 1! The mermaid tail & brazier was made of latex molding and hand sewn decorated with oversized opalescent and organized sequins as fish scales by my entire ACME Art crew in the day! Even the carpenters and scenic all got in on the tail detail.

Special thanks to Bill Lance who aided in this Cinderella Of The Sea come to life and he was my plus 1 to the British Virgin Islands!

I've had a luxuriously extravagant and exciting career thus far, yet I still haven't done my best work yet because it is with you! My POPOLOGIST® Ambassadors!

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