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Global inner peace

I am proud to be a part of pop.

I am proud of being a popologist.

I am proud of being

a piece in the quest

for global inner peace

ever since I can remember, whenever anyone asked what i wanted for christmas or for my birthday (which happen to be very close to each other ... ), i have responded with "world peace". And i left it at that. simply world peace.

to this day that wish has not been fulfilled. there has been no world peace. There has been no time when i have enjoyed watching the news because the news has itself been a source of conflict.

what does it even mean? World peace.

no war

no division

no conflicts

no radical destruction

can we actually have a moment in time where conflict does not exist?

I don't think so.

Conflict is a part of human life. we might even need it in order to truly experience peace. every thing has two sides, otherwise it would not exist.

good - bad

tasty - yucky

light - darkness

peace - conflict

i learn more and more about global inner peace as i have become a "student of popology". and i believe we are on a good path here. we are on the right path. as long as the intentions of each one are good.

and I believe in the good intentions of each person who is drawn to this new wave of pop. this different wave of pop.

because each popologist embraces their individual responsibility, their own accountability, for their own thoughts, emotions and actions. embracing their ability to control who to listen and learn from. at least that is the impression i get. that's why you're here.

am i right?

thank you for having me here. let's create a more peaceful world for ourselves - for everyone.

i feel like i've been gifted a piece of world peace.


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Diana Rey
Diana Rey
Feb 22

We are so happy you are here Paula! You speak like a natural born POPOLOGIST!

Paula Naeff
Paula Naeff
Feb 22
Replying to

😊 Maybe that’s what what I have always been. And now I have a name to describe myself. Happy to be here. Thanks for reading.


Welcome Paula! You are much appreciated here and all over the world with our mission accomplished!


Joe Rey
Joe Rey
Feb 21

This is LOVELY Paula! Global Inner Peace does surely exist. Its bar is set way low. We unfortunately have to sleep at night knowing their are those suffering, and go hungry. Others are being abused for their extraordinary visions, others are suffering from health complications etc. So much pain we must block out to even co-exist. My point is we must be at some peace with this? Now let's harmonize and identify the collective strength in what we can actually do & raise this measurement of Global Inner Peace®! Yes we trademarked this so we can make it profitable for all to participate in, just like POPOLOGY®!

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