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Give POP Some CBD For Fathers Day!

What an awesome Gift for a Father's Day Present!

We have something special we're bringing out for fathers Day.

If your looking for something out of the ordinary for Dad, swing by the booth today in downtown Snohomish from 3-7pm & pick up one of the limited pre-release editions of our Bath Soak. Only 10 on hand

Dad's deserved to be pampered too!

4 different types of Magnesium, - Magnesium Sulfate - Magnesium Chloride - Magnesium Glycinate - Magnesium Malate - Raw Dead Sea Salts (not easy to find!) - S.U.N. Water Soluble CBD - D5 (Sciadonic Acid) - Vitamin C - ORMUS 1-(877) 436-7588 1-(877) HEMP-LUV

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Jun 19, 2023

We So appreciate you brother! Was a fantastic fathers day with our multiple dads, glad we could help some dads relax this year!

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