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Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Think the arrogance and selfishness of humanity goes unnoticed?

Just as if you attempt to stop or divert a river with a dam, sooner or later the pressure may dissolve all of the work you’ve done.

Do you humans really think that hundreds of years of slaughtering mercilessly and over-harvesting every single being in the sea has gone unnoticed? Natures been keeping count and we already know that we’re not the only animals that communicate on this planet.

Imagine if you will…

Become these animals with me just for one moment.

As you lived your life forever evolving on this planet, There seems to be more and more occurrences of these beings from above who’s entrance into your environment is continually becoming a greater reoccurrence.

There were these beings above your world, those that walked upon to flippers who killed entire generations of your families. Cast gigantic nets into the water and caught as many of you as they possibly could while focusing on one type to catch, it seemed they cared not if so many other species were caught up in the dragnet. They polluted your waters, your entire environment unconsciously. They threw their trash in your atmosphere which killed even more of your people. They let boats sink, dumped toxic sludge in your deep and completely disregarded the fact that you were part of their world as well whether they knew it or not.

They took your people and put them in captivity so you could entertain their gluttonous audiences. Children poked at you, smashed on the glass and flashed big lights at you and laughed in your face while you lived in an abysmal continually shrinking miniature version of the world you once new. Trapped & often locked up alone or with one or a few other species which they have decided lived in your world to make you all feel at home.

They were even dumb enough to put themselves into cages around the most dangerous of your guardians to attempt to flash more lights in front of them and somehow cheat death.

Imagine that you even did your best to interact with them, speak with them even though the vastly different languages were understood by neither. They would even come further into your environment as they evolved for they learned how to adapt to stay in your environment longer with strange devices. They even fought in our environment, for some reason they would come into our space and attack each other irregardless of all of those below. There was once where they threw something in so big that it destroyed thousands of civilizations,

colonies and destroyed billions of families. Whatever it was made that water unlivable for so many generations. It seems the last straw was the ear bleeding sounds. We tried to befriend them but for some reason they just kept on coming and they started sticking these sonar devices in the water and blasting the water like it was some attempt to communicate with us. But instead it made us deaf, it destroyed our ability to even sense where we were going. Migration was gone we had no more source connection to direction. It seemed that we swam around in circles for years trying to remember the places we used to go when the waters would warm or they would cool. This was our last straw, something had to be done.

Historically it’s true the natives and our ancestors have taken harvests from the ocean, however they only took what they needed and they also gave back as well as gave thanks. Humanity doesn’t do that anymore. There are so few that walk to the water and dip their hands in it and give thanks to the literal liquid that keep us alive, let alone all the creatures underneath it that need it as well to survive.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the water, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, swimming, you name it, I love the oceans and the rivers. But the majority of our species, especially the ones at the top telling you what you’re supposed to do to make the world better when they themselves don’t even wiggle a single baby toe to try and lead by example, THEY are the ones that have destroyed this world. Our only mother earth without an inch of actual consciousness of what continues to seem to be excepted practices.

Because the tuna in your can is more important than another’s life in the sea. Because the halibut, salmon and cod from Costco fish fillet of said many species is great for your barbecue.

I am not absolved of these treacheries, I’m as guilty of this as you are. We buy canned tuna for our cats and who knows what’s in the other stuff, although seemingly the healthiest “fresh” canned options, the lack of consciousness and disconnect we have from not catching our own and having to interact with life to actually take it and use it for the purposes we do. We are so disconnected from nearly every part of this planet and we are beginning to see the manifestations of the reactions to our historical over-harvesting and obvious acknowledgment that we think we own this world.

I may be plant-based but I’m still partaking in the life of other animals due to the fact that we have wonderfully enjoyable cats which we didn’t even pick, they came to us. And in that process we decided to join the rest of the world and unconsciously utilize the far too often MANufactured processes that are hurting mother nature. It’s as if man wants to destroy itself now, I mean that’s an understatement because that’s been a fact for ever since we’ve probably existed. However by the lack of connection that we have to our food and choosing to spend the time because we’re too busy to actually work in the land and grow the food ourselves, we become fat and sick and slow. We destroy life without even flinching because you know it’s a job.
I’ve been plant-based for a very long time now, I say this because every once in a while I do enjoy an egg or two from a friends farm where they’ve have chickens that lay eggs all day without hurting the chickens. And our company also works with honey, which we also as humans over harvest and slaughter billions of bees so that you can have that sweetness in your tea and on your bread. And we need the bees, but there’s a far more responsible way to access that sweet nectar which they provide. However you don’t need to be a militant vegan either and scream at people or act idiotically. We just need to be more responsible and once again rekindle that beautiful connection which Our Mother Nature has afforded us to become one with her and truly appreciate and give thanks for ALL this abundance which she’s so effortlessly affords us, abundantly with no more need than literally walking within her forests. That is as long as we don’t take all of her fruit so that she cannot sew more of herself which we also do unconsciously.

No I’m not gonna tell you what you should do with your life, I’m not gonna tell you to stop eating meat because I don’t think you should at least not for the reasons you’re told to. Because I can sure as hell tell you the answer is not eating lab grown meat or whatever beyond and impossible burgers are. Those are not the real nor good solutions to allowing mother nature and all other life on this planet to live its life without being destroyed. For if you’re a farmer & you raise pigs and chickens and cows etc. Then when your family has decided that it needs them to have food on the table more than just the plants in the garden, guess what, you have to go out and face that animal or have somebody else face that animal and take its life from this plane of existence. In those acts there is no unconsciousness unless you make it so. You must cry you must be with that animal in its last moments and hopefully praise it for the connection that you have had during its lifetime. Thank it for the energy and sustenance it will soon share with you far past its kindness and joy which it has during its life with you.

The lack of consciousness the lack of care for all the species on this planet has got to stop otherwise we might be the last species as well and that might not last so long for us…

May we once again find harmony and balance not only with Mother Nature but ourselves. The fact that we fight with one another shows how lacking consciousness we all are. For when any of us fight, we all fight by allowing it. We can easily choose our future here and I really hope for the soul of mankind that we choose the brightest future for every living cell upon this planet. For harmony is all around us and for some reason we just keep on kicking it and spitting on it each and every day.



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1 Comment

Joe Rey
Joe Rey
Jun 23, 2023

I love this post Azmyth. Worthy of minting as an NFT FOR SURE.

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