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Disability Pride Month

(fart noise) excuse the Aroma hello hi wud up and all that .

im the Fonk and I’m here to tell you that I help make this month happen. See back when I mean back then there ever where but here, I the Fonk help 104 in persons in wheelchair protest about their rights of accessibility because there none for them each protest land collective big one in front of this big white building. that looks awfully like the commons in 96542, they got arrested unlawfully and it got that big head man in y’all control you that bush in the tree guy, not JR BUSH but that big bush which you can make animals out of. Sign a law back in 1990 year when I was rolling down the hills of the refuge racing my great friends lemonade and rAH. The (fart noise) excuse me! The fresh smell of success happened and the Americans with Disabilities Act went in the law of the land. Every year in July we celebrate all this all because a fart.

Heres the short version of the story

Disability Pride Month celebrates disabled persons embracing their disabilities as integral parts of who they are, reclaiming visibility in public and interacting fully with their disabilities out in the open, and rejecting shame and internalized ableism. It is a time for the disability community to come together, uplift, and amplify one another’s voices and be heard. Disability pride has been described as “accepting and honoring each person’s uniqueness and seeing it as a natural and beautiful part of human diversity.”

Now this writer named ANA Magil made a flag to cel this month well more like update it when she seen the funkied colors and smell of the Fonk. The flag's design has evolved to become more inclusive of diverse disabilities. The amended flag now displays stripes to represent intercommunal solidarity. The straight band of stripes is positioned diagonally to showcase cutting across barriers that disabled people faceand to evoke the concept of light cutting through the darkness. The parallel stripes are placed from the top left, known as the Canton or place of honor, to the bottom right corner, known as the Fly representing the wider world. Magill says the diagonal is a contrast to the vertical walls and horizontal ceilings that keep disabled people isolated.

Now let’s break down these colors

In order of appearance from top to bottom:

  • Green is for sensory disabilities

  • Blue represents emotional and psychiatric disabilities

  • White stands for non-visible and undiagnosed disabilities

  • Gold is for neurodiversity

  • Red represents physical disabilities.

The stripes are displayed on a faded charcoal black background which commemorates and mourns disabled people who’ve died due to ableism, violence, negligence, suicide, rebellion, illness and eugenics. The dark background also represents rage and protest against the mistreatment of the disabled community. According to the creator’s statement, black is also a connection to the pirates’ Jolly Roger flag, a general symbol of rebellion.

Happy Disability Pride Month

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