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COVID Things that make you go hmmm...

Not that I trust any of the Covid testing procedures, but the alarm bells need to be sounded when the complete opposite of what they said was supposed to happen is now happening.

As reported, out of 67 residents and 22 staff, how is it that all 87 of them that were “V A X I N A T E D” tested positive. Which means 100% of those inoculated tested positive.

8 residents have already passed from this problematic scenario.

It seems that the only 2 people that didn’t test positive were those that did not decide to get the shot.

We keep on hearing the CDC whining about how there is an uptick in cases, could it be that there’s been a massive uptick since last December when this shit was rolled out?

I know they’re not gonna call themselves out because they would lose all their business and America would finally wake up! That’s why it’s up to you and me, each and everyone of us to realize what the fuck is really going on here because it ain’t pretty.

And do they really think that boosters are going to be the solution to this problem which they have now created?

Come on man...

A second helping of the story.

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