Bulgarian Fusion...What's that?

About 2 months ago, I was invited to a room on Clubhouse called 2 Sense Music.

Music Supervisor and Ex Arista Records music exec, Jason Rothberg had invited me to this spirited room filled with listening ears for the next directorial brief that was about to take place. It was my first time there and I was blown away by the series of events that happened next. Director Dirk Simon was giving a very specific live brief on the type of song that he needed for a scene in his new movie Shadow Play. I raised my hand when the time came and sang a Bulgarian song my father had taught me. Shortly thereafter, Jason called up the incomparable Ipc (I Paint Creatures) Visionary and Multi-level story teller artist and musician + Lucas Film Alum, to speak some spoken word upon us. Ipc went at it and included everyone on that clubhouse stage in his painting of words into reality. Soon thereafter, taking the great direction of Jason Rothberg, I reached out to Ipc and we discussed the collaboration (that we submitted only 5 days later.) The song is called Bulgarian Fusion and is a mashup of two Bulgarian songs. Ipc brought on an epic metal cellist named Troy Thomas, who's beautiful cello you will hear within this song. I knew exactly who I needed for the project to manifest it's ultimate instrumental bed to a T. I met Andreas Smidelöv via 6 Figure Songwriting with Catch The Moon aka Sonnet Simmons & John Clinebell. There is so much more to the story, but let's listen to that song now...

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