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Zines are typically short, self-published booklets or magazines that cover niche topics. If you're looking for something even shorter than zines, you might consider micro-zines or pamphlets. These are often just a few pages long and can be a great way to share information or art in a compact format.

To help me get back into the swing and make me go with the flow of things I made my first zine it was quick and easy. I had so much fun making it. This putting me back in the fun of thing in writing. I am storyteller and I read other people work, when I met Tazuo Basho Yamaguchi. He read one of my pieces and ask me “ why aren’t you writing?”. I told him my grammar sucks and when I was in any language art class my paper came back like a woman on her period. He laughed said that why they editor and you have quite the nostalgic imaginative but progressive style. Let me teach you haiku and let explore some thing. As I was learn he open me up to expand my storytelling and learning haiku help me in my loquaciousNess.

With this mantra, I decided to do simple projects to help me with my bigger ones

here my zine I hope you all enjoy it


Click to view the zine

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